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Award sahabat

Award sahabat

Seedorf, the timeless

Posted by BlueDrak Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old timers also have their advantages. Criticized by the Rossoneri tifosi too effective for its age, the AC Milan of Leonardo can still thank the Dutch Clarence Seedorf for having left a bad step, both against Olympique Marseille in the Champions League, that face Bologna in Serie A at the 4th day. In two days, "Willy Wonka" has delivered two assists and recorded a realization. Who says better?

At 33, Clarence Seedorf is a phenomenon and the last two meetings of the AC Milan supporters can thank him greatly. Only player to have won four Champions League with three different clubs (Ajax, Real Madrid and then AC Milan), the Dutch international was taken off a fine spine of the foot with his training, first when moving to Marseille for the 1st day of Champions League, then against Bologna at San Siro on behalf of the 4th day of Serie A.

Seedorf, Inzaghi, a duo infernal

If Filippo Inzaghi has attracted all the praise for his fox-lined surfaces against Olympique de Marseille Mamadou Niang (1-2), Clarence Seedorf, often the target of criticism for his nonchalance, there is much to do with the success of his team. Originally the two realizations of "Super Pippo", "Willy Wonka", as he is nicknamed, has flaunted his whole technique to serve his center forward in the best conditions. Two outside right foot magnificent Clarence Seedorf was fully alerted the Italian striker in the opposing penalty area.

Of course, in the sense of placing the striker, who has the gift to be forgotten by the defenses, this pure product of Ajax would perhaps not entitled to the honors due to him. Obviously, if the OM had decided to establish a wholesale dry on the midfield player, the native of Paramaribo would perhaps not have the same radiation, but still! In a small area, including the first goal where four Olympians players around him, his technique allowed him to make a difference after a relay Pato.

The issue against Bologna

If the number 10 rossonero has more legs than 20 years, the midfielder was at it again in the league by issuing his team against Bologna in Serie A. Opposed to the modest 16th in the league, AC Milan had to wait until the 75th minute of play to make a difference in his den. Without this realization, no doubt that the press would still Transalpine offered the scalp of Leonardo and residents of San Siro.

On opening of Massimo Ambrosini, the man with 87 caps has just planted the rear Bolognese to adjust the last bastion, Emiliano Viviano, a hit in the right angle glaucoma (75th, 1-0). Rather than sinking into a crisis, the AC Milan is temporarily risen to 7th in the standings. And in both Serie A Champions League in the city today Lombard thank Clarence Seedorf.

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