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Award sahabat

Award sahabat

Zurich, master of San Siro

Posted by BlueDrak Thursday, October 1, 2009

Largely defeated on his lawn two weeks ago against Real Madrid (2-5), FC Zurich creates the sensation of the second day of the Champions League by defeating San Siro against AC Milan (1 -- 0), with a goal of Tihinen early in the game (9th). The Swiss join their opponents in the number of points and then leave the position in Marseilles red lantern, with zero points. Match

Really, nothing goes to Milan. After a poor start in the league, the club of Silvio Berlusconi should absolutely win against FC Zurich on Wednesday evening at the second day of the Champions League. It failed again after this faux pas (0-1).

Announced as the weakest team in Group C, the champion of Switzerland wants to falsify this theorem and quickly opened the scoring on an "air Madjer" sublime Tihinen (9th, 0-1). An advance which lacks Margairaz increase when only the 20 meters, just pull over (25th).

Italian side, besides apathy defensive Inzaghi him sorely lacking inspiration, like his two wolves (15th, 29th). Led to the break, the club faces Lombardy Class Johnny Leoni after the break.

The porter Swiss nauseated just over Inzaghi (60th, 65th), leaving the meantime to meet Pato (63), which lacks the blow stung his ball. And when Leoni is beaten, his figures are there to replace him before Ambrosini (89) and Zambrotta (90 +6 th).

Annoyed, Milan has more than its eyes to weep. Tears of joy in contrast to Zurich, who returned the blow up of Italians, with three points in two days. The OM had better watch out .
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