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Award sahabat

Award sahabat

Benzema: "I am not wrong"

Posted by BlueDrak Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wind, drizzle, blocked the horizon, the team of France has seen a 2nd day probationary typical Breton ", which does not change of scenery probably Faroese players when they will arrive at Guingamp. Thursday is the Palais des Congrès in Perros-Guirec that point held daily press, the opportunity for Karim Benzema to comment on the recent controversy that has ignited and its status in Blue . Karim, how did you feel the excitement continued to support what you said in Tele Foot about your entry into play against Romania?
Karim Benzema: I made some good games on the field, but I had many critics outside, some problems from what I could say about this coming into play, but hey, I do not read Press ...

You will not regret this media release?
No, it was misinterpreted, misunderstood, maybe I misspoke. In fact, I had good intentions, I really want to do good things ... And behind it makes a big story, a controversy. But I'm young, I had things on my heart, I've said, but as I said, the important thing is that today I am here, we're all behind the jersey France team to qualify for the World Cup, there are no qualms to have.

"It was discussed, it was clear, with the coach and players"

It made you well, finally, to express yourself that way?
I was asked a question, I expressed myself, I may have been clumsy, but this story is over for me, I focus on the team of France. And be it 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 90 minutes because I like the games and start playing them, I'll give everything and all together, we will do everything to qualify for the World Cup.

Given training on Wednesday, you'll probably not in the team start Saturday against the Faroes, what do you think?
I'm here, I do the exercises, I knock, I'm ready, I'm waiting ... After that I play it or make me return, the deal is the same, I must play with my qualities and I bring something to the team of France.

To turn off the controversy, should we not you mark?
But anyway, every time, I must mark or I do score, I play a position where it must be decisive. Now, there are many things around me, good or not good, I'm 21 and I learn a lot whenever I have a team of France.

Have you discussed with Raymond Domenech since the beginning of the internship?
Yes, we talked, it was clear, with the coach and players, we had a simple discussion, but these are things that I'm not used to repeat, it only concerns us.

This story has she done growing?
But I'm big already! I am a very big club, I know that little phrase that I say can be multiplied by ten. We must be careful what they say, but I'm not a fake, I said what I thought at the time, now I am not in France team to speak, to make policy.

Design more easily be on the bench at Real team in France?
Whether in France or team Real Madrid, I do not have to be on the bench, I am a football player, a competitor. At Real, he is a turnover in France team, I do not think there is that here, but he must fight for his place and I will.

Do you find it still fun team to France?
Yes, still. Otherwise, I'd be back home. I take pleasure, this is not always easy in this team because I'm making good games for club and it's always difficult for a player who likes to play pieces of game. I had difficult moments but it does not kill me.

How do you explain this difference in performance between Real and the Blues?
We must look at the statistics I does not bind the match. And to be comfortable, be confident, he must be chained matches.

Thierry Henry has spoken of you as the future of the France team, what do you think?
It's touching coming from a great player like that. But there are many players who can claim to represent the future of the France team: Nasri, Ben Arfa who are not there right now.

The difficulty of generating required after 1987 to be mounted very quickly, it seems natural to you?
Everyone was just that, the Henry and Trezeguet also. But I've never touched, I resisted a lot, otherwise I would have given up. I had many worries in France team, but I grew up and I'm in a big club.

"It is normal to expect a lot from me"

Do you think it was too impatient, too hard on you?
But that's normal. Every game, I am questioning is normal to expect a lot from me, especially now that I am at Real Madrid. It's more for my mother, my father, that it is hurting me Me, I know very well when I had a good game or not, I do not need to read the press.

Have not you need a good game in continuity?
I said just now: I'm not chained matches, a half-time, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, I do not know what may show. Maybe we'll score a goal, but that's not why we made a great game. We need and I can link it will go well.

Finally on the Real, how do you explain your quick adaptation?
I'm well adjusted, I was lucky that Lass' (Lassana Diarra) is here and he speaks French well (sic), I play with great players, it explodes on the ground, I 'd like to play in a very big club, where he must fight for his place for the weekend.

You talk a lot of Real as a big club, the difference is so important with Lyon?
Yes. In Lyon, I played many seasons, both as owner, I made very good games, I played the big matches in the Champions League, it allowed me to sign for Real. But Real is a great club with a track record of experience, the Golden Ball, I learn faster. There are a lot more pressure than in Lyon, one expects more players. In Madrid there is such pressure that when you get on the field at Santiago Bernabeu, there are 80,000 people to push you, and if you play against the latter, it must win 5 or 6-0, if not, do you whistle.
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