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Award sahabat

Award sahabat

Henry: "Congratulations to Serbia"

Posted by BlueDrak Monday, October 12, 2009

Despite the disappointment of not being able to go directly to the finals of the 2010 World Cup, Thierry Henry was pretty happy after the delivery of the Blues on Saturday night against the Faroe Islands (5-0) in Group 7 of the playoffs. The best scorer of France's team now thinks the upcoming maturity of its selection with the first receipt of Austria Wednesday at the Stade de France, then turn the dam in return for months due to global November.

What inspires you feeling after this victory over the Faroe Islands?
The work is done. Unfortunately, it does not depend only on us, Servia has qualified, congratulations to them, they will pass through the dams. It is the game of Austria to prepare for the dam, there is fortunate to have an official match at the Stade de France to prepare for the tie.

Is there still a little disappointed to be forced to pass through the dams?
No, I repeat, there will be disappointment if we do not go to the World Cup.

Was it a fun game to play?
Yes, we enjoyed it. With Nico (Anelka) who played the number 10, he found space for us, Dede (Gignac) finished, William (Gallas) also scored, it was because people said that the defenders do more marked. Now, we do not enflammons were the Faroe side, but it's nice to find the game on the continuity of what we did against Serbia and against Romania. It was important that everyone takes pleasure because we will need everyone at the dams.

What brought Andre-Pierre Gignac Faroe meet?
You saw tonight: goals. He scored, he was the most important, Karim also returned, he scored, he needed it, it bodes well for the future.

Personally, your pain does not bother you most?
If ever I played a little handbrake today (Saturday) not to aggravate it all, I made this game slowly. I had a little something to the adductor, I did not play the latest games with Barcelona, I was fit, but a little short.

It made you well out of Clairefontaine this week?
It was quite frankly, nice. Clairefontaine, I'm going since I was thirteen, so I changed it to air. In addition, the reception has been tremendous here, we saw this evening (Saturday).

"Nothing to envy to Serbia"

How would you approach these dams?
It's like night of Champions League when you walk into eighths, in the quarterfinals or semifinals, it matches the sunset, it will match European Cup. In everyday life, for those who generally go far enough in the Champions League, you get used to playing this kind of meetings every year, but selection, nobody knows it but you can rely on our experience in a club.

Do you know your potential opponents?
I heard the four teams, it was leaking into the locker room: Ukraine, Bosnia, Slovenia and Ireland. It is playable for everyone, the two-legged, it is never easy for anyone, these teams will be ready, too.

Where do you feel you lost the first place?
All the stadiums where we lost points, there was no match. When you watch the match against Serbia, it has nothing to envy, but on arrival, they did what they had to do on other grounds, not us.

How to approach this game with no challenge against Austria?
But if there is a challenge: preparing for the dams. It is not known who will play the dam, if it is there will be one, two or three wounded, tonight we played without without Yoann Franck (Ribery and Gourcuff). No matter who will play against Austria, this match must take it as a preparation for the dams, it's better than a friendly game without issue. And there are three points to make, sometimes it's points that may be important to be seeded

Is it better to receive prior to the return?
Last year at my club, there are some who say: "We get first Chelsea, I do not ...". But on arrival, you pass, if you play the same way, there is no problem ... This is like say at the end: "If we had played the game at home after ..." But with so ... It will be ready, and once again I repeat, the match against Austria is important. It may seem odd to say this, but the coach will have the opportunity to review its workforce before the dams.

What team did France rose on Saturday night?
There was a small click against Romania at the game, since it shows.

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