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Award sahabat

Award sahabat

That hot big !

Posted by BlueDrak Saturday, October 10, 2009

A World without Samuel Eto'o, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Thierry Henry? That, in any case, toward which we head this summer. Although the beautiful world this will be well in South Africa, there will, necessarily, absent. Because France is not the only one in trouble in the race for qualification for the World Cup 2010. Point before a decisive weekend.

Spain, England, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, Paraguay, the two Koreas, Japan and Australia already have the head in South Africa. But the others? What about Argentina, Portugal, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia or Morocco?

In the race for the World South Africa, France is the wrong committed. For the band to Domenech, he will probably pass through the dams. But the Blues are not alone in bad shape. In fact, used the final stages, Saudi Arabia, which is nevertheless four stakes rank, watch the big football competition on television. For the first time since 1990, it will not participate in the World Cup, it was eliminated by the modest training in Bahrain. The latter will face New Zealand this weekend in dams.

Argentina in the worst

Other selections smartest could face the same mishap. In Africa, the terrible A group gathers in order, Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon, Gabon Daniel Cousin, Emmanuel Adebayor of Togo and Morocco Marouane Chamakh. One of these teams will go this summer in the southern continent. Beware the fall! Groups B and C are less elevated, but at least one African tenors should remain on the carpet. Algeria and Egypt (Group C), Tunisia and Nigeria (Group B) compete for the final qualifying ticket. In group D, Mali's Diarra, Keita, Sissoko, Kanoute ... is already eliminated.

In South America, the situation is well known: Argentina is fairly evil party. Yes, Argentina's Maradona with Messi, Tevez, Zanetti, Milito ... Alexis Sanchez and Chile, or Christian Benitez and Ecuador are to the Albiceleste, fifth and also on the road blockades. Paraguay and Brazil already qualified, there are two places to take in the area AmSud. Six teams are in position before the final two games of the continent: Chile (27 points), Ecuador (23 points), Argentina (22 points), Uruguay (21 points), Venezuela (21 points) and Colombia (20 points).

The World on TV

But, logically, it is in Europe as it was hotter for large. The Portugal and Sweden (Group 1), Croatia or the Ukraine (Group 6) as well as Bosnia and Turkey (Group 5), could well take the door while the Czech Republic is on the verge of asphyxiation in his group 3. Ditto for Bulgaria's Berbatov, the fight with Ireland for second place in group 8.

Finally, Raymond Domenech of France might not be the worst off of the great nations that have not validated their ticket to South Africa. This is perhaps not before reassuring face the Faroe Islands and Austria, but at least, Thierry Henry and his compatriots can they at least have the excuse, in case of disaster, not to be only favorites to be dropped from their pedestal.

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