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Award sahabat

Award sahabat

When Maradona Messi flange.

Posted by BlueDrak Friday, October 16, 2009

The probable Ballon d'Or 2009 is a shadow of himself in selection. Why? Despite qualifying for the next World Cup snatched in the night of Wednesday to Thursday in Uruguay (0-1 victory), Argentina's Maradona shined a mediocre game. Blame it on a coach completely lost tactically and discredited, both internally and in the media. Lionel Messi, he has not assumed its Albiceleste star status, appearing indecisive in a central attacking role which is not in his club.

Diego jubilee. He might even dive on the belly if Montevideo was martyred by the rain, as in Buenos Aires last Saturday at the hard-fought victory against Peru (2-1). Maradona exploded with joy, fulfilling its mission calling Argentina at the next World Cup, despite a chaotic course and gained a final victory over the wire in Uruguay (0-1) in Wednesday night through Thursday (hours French).

Albiceleste coach is vindictive and has advised after the meeting: "I thank the team for the privilege it gave me by bringing me to the World and the people who made the trip. But there are People who do not deserve it. I have a memory. I'll remember those who disbelieved in the selection and treated me as less than nothing. Today we are in the World, without the aid from anyone. " These "people", it is journalists who are nothing more than supporters entitled to comment publicly on the performance of the team.

Messi, lost in the star system

The Argentine press has also been particularly lenient, benefiting Maradona well in a state of grace, justified by its legendary status in history. But the terrible truth of the land could not avoid the coach introduced in October 2008. These predecessors have always had a philosophy of play accurate, drawn on the meadow by a given system. With three central defenders, with an environment diamond in a 3-4-3 with or without playmaker, or simply in a classic 4-4-2.

Diego, he has tried everything. Without ever finding the right formula. A much trouble he forgot to establish a collective reasoning to his team. Riquelme slammed the door. The brilliant playmaker Maradona has never understood. Without metronome and uninspired offensive, Argentina mumbled a football that had licked his trademark. Lionel Messi has not taken over. Considered one of the best players in the world and soon crowned Ballon d'Or in 2009 with his victory in the Champions League with FC Barcelona, "Pulga" does not assume its selection status.

Except that the incompetence of its strategic coach Argentina is for many. Positioned as the front-center, as he has always moved forward with his right club, the native of Rosario is just too little difference. His association with Sergio Agüero had shown promise, but lack of creativity in the middle and the deficit of weight at any given point in question. Dribbling any opposing team and score the winning goal is the style of Messi, but against weak defenses Liga, and not against those very rough selection of South America.

The motivation question ...

Assisted by his teammates at Barcelona, whether the other two attackers, two sparkling relay (Iniesta and Xavi) and his explosive right side for over a year (Dani Alves), Messi has no real support for combining When Tevez and Aguero are absent or relegated to the bench. The older Veron's hard to play his teammates, while the right back position is assigned to person by Maradona. Left Midfielder Jonas Gutierrez has found the right side against Peru, before being tenured qu'Otamendi Uruguay, promising him the defender ... Central.

Although restrained by a coach with whom he communicates more last week, Lionel Messi has also called into question. His behavior has nothing to yours and, at age 22, his mind did not falter. An international star status, it cope. As desired by many observers from Argentina, Lionel Messi has even had the chance to move into his lane right against Peru, last weekend. Not in a 4-3-3 to Barcelona, but in a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-1-3-2 unbalanced in the second half. The individual result was just as bad.

Even private goal, his last in the playoffs dating back to the first of Maradona (against Venezuela), the Barcelona was crucified on the public square in the land of tango. "It is not Maradona, and he knows it," proclaimed the daily Olé, while La Nacion said: "He did not succeed in ages and has a debt to the national team." Clarin heavily concluded: "Messi continues to be transparent." Argentina has more of an idol. On the bench as on the ground.

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